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I hate doing this, but I could really use some help from my followers. 

Please follow my new blog! It’s in its infant stages and I literally just created it, but my friend and I have been talking about it for a while.

It’s called “The Queer Blind Spot” and we’re going to use it to post news of queer discrimination, invisibility, erasure. We also hope people will submit their own stories about their experience with being in any way discriminated against because of their identity. For the first two weeks, we are especially looking for submissions from trans or genderqueer identified people and asexuals/greysexuals, but we will happily accept all submissions!

Basically, we want to raise awareness about how easily “peripheral” groups of the queer community are ignored and how society readily accepts discrimination against these groups as “normal”. We hope people feel compelled to share their own stories so that we can raise awareness and others will realize they are not alone in the discrimination and erasure they have felt. You can also use the submission as a way to vent with support from the rest of the community.

Please help us out! Follow and submit if you have a story you’d be comfortable sharing!

Reblog and spread the word!

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