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unfriendlyblackhottiesanonymous replied to your post “i think i just accidentally got an interview for an internship??? i…”

this sounds like how i got my internship tbh

ok good at least im not alone on this one

don’t get me wrong i will take an internship i am not complaining. 

it’s just like……i’ve worked my ass off to get noticed by internship coordinators. i’ve networked. i’ve gone to events. i’ve sent resumes. i’ve dressed like a business formal killer queen……nada.

but i just happen to off-handedly give a classmate my e-mail address while im half dead in a 10am classes, hiding my bedhead under a beanie that says “bite me”…..and what do you know she apparently has connections and all of the sudden “HEY DO YOU WANT THIS COOL INTERNSHIP???”

……fuckin capitalism, man…..

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i think i just accidentally got an interview for an internship??? i literally did absolutely nothing to make this happen 

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#when i apply for internships it's just.... #[crickets] #but here i am just chillin drinking hot chocolate in my fucking pajamas #and all the sudden i get this e-mail like #'hey i know we haven't actually spoken and ive never even seen your resume but do you want an internship???' #what the actual fuck #im in shock honestly #college blogging #intern blogging #job blogging #shoutout to that girl in my class who apparently mentioned my name???

better stock up


better stock up

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my downward spiral started when i was like 6

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requested by tinytile

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How I view my Tumblr audience: image

How it actually is: image

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How To Ask If A Girl Is Gay

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